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The Full Story


STOIC STRATEGIES is a sub-division of The Mobile Worklife company with the mission to drive change in the workplace of Corporate America for the future success of the Millennial workforce. Recently founded by millennials for the millennials, we are here to be the voice for our cause and the thriving future outlook of our generation.  Our goal is mainly to help small to medium businesses with their management strategies to hire, retain and develop Millennial talents to their full potential. 


To assist with applying work-life balance and integration to the quality of life needs of today’s Millennial workforce by assisting our client companies to effectively prepare for, improve and excel at embracing change when it comes to attracting, retaining and developing Millennial talents.


Our company's goal is to see this project through to address the imminent need for workplace adjustments to accommodate the Millennial workforce with better work-life balance and integration options to help them thrive as the future leaders of this world.

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