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The Ultimate Guide to the #1 Essential Millennial Life Skill

Updated: May 6

What's your favorite part of your remote workday?

  • More sleeping in time!

  • Getting stuff done between meetings and emails

  • Saving my commute time for my loved ones

If you are anything like me, you feel unsure about the future of this planet, this economy, and this government. The main and biggest experiences of our lives are wrapped up in those three aspects which naturally contribute to subconscious anxiety and self-centeredness. Let's expand on that!

During the most crucial times of our lives, we find ourselves fighting against those odds such as increasing impacts from climate change’s disasters, inflation in the midst of the evolution of AI and job loss, and costly health treatments at the rise of infertility rates. What does one do when you become a victim of such events? Are you confident you could quickly bounce back from a natural disaster damaging your home beyond repair, from a sudden layoff due to AI implementations, or from multiple rounds of failed IVF cycles? 

Recent statistics show that most millennials do not have a plan B but living paycheck to paycheck with an average rolling debt of $30K. Most do not have enough financial or legal protection through insurance, trusts, investments, etc. Millennials are more prone to these events previously mentioned and are the generation that needs the most creative ways to prepare. Fortunately, we are in a most interesting time in history, at a crossroads between the .com era and AI, meaning we have experienced and seen what such an invention can do but this time we get to be in the startup phase of the next tipping point in history. From where I see it, the opportunities are endless. 

With AI, we can literally have free access to the first level of our own personal and customized life coach, career mentor, financial assistant, paralegal, nutritionist, fitness instructor, and business advisor in the palm of our hands or at the fingers’ reach. Dynamic answers are available within seconds, no more need for endless scrolling and reading through multiple articles and webpages of information just to get what you need. This is a game changer for us busy professionals and parents lacking in spare time. Keeping this in mind, learning AI prompting has become the next essential life survival skill, as you know by now, you will only get back what you put in. 

Knowing how to properly use AI this year can enhance your productivity and expertise at work, your parental and marital performance at home, and lastly, your personality and resourcefulness among peers. Imagine being the known colleague for AI topics, the smart parent who can actually help with today’s homework lessons, the partner who can finally organize and customize the family activities, and the friend who almost always has the right answers even while sober. Can you picture it? I can…This is why this is the first of a series to come called “The Millennial in the AI Era”. Interested to see more? Sign up for the series to have first-hand access at release. See you on the other side. Cheers!

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